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Do you ever find yourself thinking that your health, body and lifestyle could be a lot better than it is? Have you had enough of being overweight, out of shape or feeling slightly embarrassed about your body? Do you lack confidence, have low self esteem, Or perhaps you are currently slogging your guts out several hours a week in the gym and still struggling to get the desired results.

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Body Ethics is a small team of professional fitness and lifestyle coaches working out of a unique and ‘friendly gym; the Elite Fitness Academy in Hitchin. Our team of experts offer a broad spectrum of services that include physique transformation, weight loss, Nutritional consultations and pre/post natal fitness and exercise. Here at Body Ethics we are very passionate about improving the lives of others through exercise, nutrition and mindset. We pride ourselves on providing a unique and professional service. We strive not only to transform your physique, but to also transform your way of life by helping you overcome habits that no longer serve you.

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