Do you ever find yourself thinking that your health, body and lifestyle could be a lot better than it is? Have you had enough of being overweight, out of shape or feeling slightly embarrassed about your body? Do you lack confidence, have low self esteem, Or perhaps you are currently slogging your guts out several hours a week in the gym and still struggling to get the desired results.

Well we could be just what you’re looking for!

About Body Ethics

Body Ethics is a small team of professional fitness and lifestyle coaches working out of a unique and ‘friendly gym; the Elite Fitness Academy in Hitchin. Our team of experts offer a broad spectrum of services that include physique transformation, weight loss, Nutritional consultations and pre/post natal fitness and exercise. Here at Body Ethics we are very passionate about improving the lives of others through exercise, nutrition and mindset. We pride ourselves on providing a unique and professional service. We strive not only to transform your physique, but to also transform your way of life by helping you overcome habits that no longer serve you.

Personal Training & Programs

Here at Body Ethics we are great believers that everyone is different and have a totally different outlook on health and fitness. All of our exercise and nutritional programmes are tailored to your personal fitness goals, whether you want to completely transform your physique, drop a few pounds, tighten up in areas or just want to keep the weekend indulgence at bay. Our team of experts will not only guide you to your fitness destination but will also educate you along the way so that you can continue to sustain an active and healthy lifestyle.

Meet The Team

Shane Raymond
C.E.O - Head Personal Trainer

Shane Raymond

Shane Raymond

C.E.O - Head Personal Trainer

Physique Transformation Specialist

Shane Raymond is a professional natural Body Builder, Multi British Champion and a Grenade sponsored athlete.

A true seasoned natural bodybuilder with one of the most phenomenal physiques in the industry, he has achieved this by hard work and dedication. Shane combines an in depth knowledge of all the core elements of physique transformation to consistently deliver one of the best complete and aesthetically pleasing natural physiques year upon year.

With over 20 years of training experience and over 10 years working in the fitness industry, he is now recognised as a respected influential fitness icons in the UK and has appeared in leading fitness media worldwide including:

- Muscle and fitness magazine
- Flex magazine
- Beef magazine
- Shredded beef magazine
- Simply
- Muscle Mag

Shane is sponsored by Grenade, one of the biggest sport nutrition companies in the world. Grenade offer outstanding support and exposure that has helped him become a huge success in his chosen field.

In 2015 Shane not only achieved his pro card with Drug Free Athletics coalition (DFAC) by winning the overall title at the BNBF British finals he then went on to compete on the highest possible stage, the DFAC world finals.

With Shane’s experience in the industry and his assistance in developing custom transformation programmes based on the most up to date scientific methods you WILL achieve your fitness and physique goals, whether it be fat loss, muscle gain, competition prep or over all body composition improvements.

Shane will not only guide you successfully to your fitness destination but he will also educate you along the way so you can continue to lead a healthy and sustainable active lifestyle without sacrificing to many life and daily commitments.

Grace Grainger
Personal Trainer - Pre/post natal exercise specialist

Grace Grainger

Grace Grainger

Personal Trainer

Pre/post natal exercise specialist

My passion for health and fitness over the last 5 years, coupled with my background in training and coaching people led me to a career as a Fitness and Lifestyle coach.
I didn't fall into the ``fit`` lifestyle easily however! When I first started going to the gym it was purely social, I had no idea what benefit training and eating healthy could actually do for my body, health and mindset, or how easy it was to make progress without changing too much about the way I go about life! Once I had the knowhow and I applied it I started seeing results, I felt stronger as a person physically and mentally. Now I want to share that enthusiasm and knowledge to help others achieve their goals as well.

I believe that with the right training program, guidance, support and motivation, anyone can achieve results. My style is flexible, I am always available for my clients 24/7, and I tailor my plans in a personal way because I understand that everyone's lives and commitments are different.

Interests and credentials:- Women's fitness, resistance training, ab and core work, home work outs, bum and legs, body sculpting, weight loss, nutrition, resistance band training, post and pre natal workouts, Baby Massage (CIMA qualified), Level 3 Certificate Personal Trainer, Health and Safety Trained

Craig Dyson
Personal Trainer

Craig Dyson

Craig Dyson

Personal Trainer

Craig is a reliable and professional level 3 Personal Trainer who will get you driven and excited to train for each session, helping you burn fat, build muscle and get fit!.

Whether your new to the gym or an experienced gym goer Craig can help you achieve the physique you've always dreamed of, providing you with the right training and nutritional programmes to ensure you reach your goals.

Craig has qualifications in sports nutrition, Pad Work (boxing), Circuit Training and studio cycling.

Whatever your goal may be, Craig can help you with the following:
- Fat Loss, Toning and core strengthening
- Nutrition and Weight Management
- Strength Conditioning/Muscle Gain
- Bodyweight Training/Functional Training

Each one of clients Craig’s clients has their own victories, reaching their goals, helping clients break into professional sports teams along with numerous stories of weight loss and muscle gain.

With his wealth of knowledge, skill and expertise, Shane will carefully listen to you, your aims and priorities and devise a continually changing and challenging programme which combined with his easy-going manner and sense of humour feels more like fun than hard work.

I have benefited by becoming stronger, leaner and my overall strength and fitness has improved so much in a short space of time.

I am amazed now at what I can lift, push or press! Shane has made it possible to work towards achieving my goals and consistently pushes me to prove to myself that I can exceed my expectations. Personal training is one of the best investments I have ever made because it never stops producing results!

ManjAge 32