1-2-1 Coaching

Our 1-2-1 coaching program is designed to provide you with personalised attention and guidance to help you achieve your fitness goals. Our experienced trainers work closely with you to create a customised workout plan, offer nutritional plans, and provide constant motivation and support on your fitness journey, all of which is accessibl and trackable through the Body Ethics fitness app.

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Small Group Personal Training

Join our small group personal training sessions for a fun and dynamic way to work out with friends or like-minded individuals. These sessions blend the benefits of personal training with the camaraderie of a small group, allowing you to push your limits while receiving expert guidance from our certified trainers.

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Physiotherapy Sessions

Our in-house physiotherapy sessions cater to your unique needs, addressing any injuries or muscle imbalances that may be hindering your progress. Our skilled physiotherapists work collaboratively with you to develop a tailored rehabilitation plan to get you back on track and pain-free.

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Nutrition Guidance

Receive 1-1 nutritional support from our in house nutritionist, Laurence. Members can enhance their overall wellbeing and reduce the risk of illness by receiving expert advice that can be catered towards each member’s specific needs. 

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Partnered Fitness Classes

Experience the energy and motivation of our partnered fitness classes, where you can work out with a friend or partner. Whether it’s yoga, cardio, or strength training, our classes are designed to foster teamwork and encourage you to push each other to achieve your fitness goals together.

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Lash & brow Salon

In addition to our fitness offerings, we also provide a range of beauty services, including lash and brow treatments, to help you look and feel your best. Pamper yourself after a great workout or simply stop by for some self-care.

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